I love the idea of sharing and selling my art locally! I have lived in Concord for 25 years and a lot of my art is related to my community and the ties I have made here. I’m thankful for this site and for our local community of artists and makers.

Kara Bonsteel

As an artist, I love the concept of selling locally. As a buyer, I have always bought original art because I like to get to know the artist and support them. This site allows me to do both!

Sharon Petersen

A smartly designed online gallery for artists who want to showcase and sell art to local collectors and art enthusiasts! Great way to connect with our community.

Catherine Hensiek

Great new art site. Considering the Covid-19 situation, it’s a great way to get your art out to the public!

Pat Viera

I can’t wait for people to see my work. I’m really excited about this new site!

Pat Calabro

Local artists rock! And I will add “with lots of love” from all of our hands to yours!

Anamilena Ayala

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