• Deep River

    This digital painting is reproduced as an acrylic print, a unique process with light-capturing properties that enhances colors and makes them appear more dimensional and vibrant with a glossy finish. 16"x8" in a clear frame, wired to hang. Extremely limited edition, hand-signed by the artist.  
  • conversation allen dickson conversation allen dickson
    Developed from several life drawings - high-fire ceramic sculpture with Bernard stain. 12" tall, 8.5" wide, 4" deep.
  • A mannequin torso is painted in blue acrylic with calligraphic letters and sealed with UV high-gloss protectant. Pick-up or local delivery also available.
  • lori rutledge Aphrodite Afternoon nude lori rutledge Aphrodite Afternoon
    Brighten up any and all your afternoons with this lovely lady. 16x20" acrylic; framed. Local pick-up or delivery

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